Confined Space Training objectives are to assist in fulfilling management’s obligations to ensure workers are trained and competent to deal with Confined Space Entry. Completing this training will reduce the risk of accidents, which usually result from the lack of knowledge and compliance with Ontario Regulation 632/05 made under the OHSA, MOL guidelines, policies and procedures for safe entry and exit of confined spaces.

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training Theory Outline (8 Hours):

  • Discuss and evaluate specific confined spaces at your location
  • Review and discuss your confined space entry policy, procedures, program and plan
  • Review and discuss assessment of hazards related to your confined spaces
  • Ensuring safeguards are in place to protect entrants from these hazards
  • Learn the requirements of on-site rescue and related training for a confined space emergency
  • Learn requirements for on-site entry equipment (lanyards, belts, harnesses, etc.)
  • Learn requirements for on-site respiratory equipment and other personal protective equipment
  • Learn requirements for testing and monitoring equipment
  • Learn requirements for on-site entry permits and evaluate or develop your permit
  • Guarding against unauthorized entry to the confined space
  • All participants must complete theory training prior to practical training

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training Practical Outline (2 Hours Per Group of 5):

  • Put on and use appropriate equipment
  • Conduct air testing
  • Act as attendant and monitor entry
  • Enter a confined space (mock set/up or actual)
  • Observe to ensure all procedures & standards are complied to


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