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Ontario Appoints Special Advisors to Review Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

The Ontario government is launching a review of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to ensure workers and their families remain supported and protected in the workplace. The review will provide the government with new information regarding the board's operations and how it compares to industry best practices.

Better Broadband Service Coming Soon to Wellington County

PALMERSTON — Ontario's Government is funding expansion of broadband internet into the southwest, Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton announced today, as he unveiled a key piece of the province's budget commitment to improve people's connections, no matter where they live. 

Investing In Cultural Tourism Across Ontario

TORONTO — Ontario's government for the people is working to drive local tourism and create jobs by investing more than $1.7 million in cultural tourism events that will help drive tourism spending in communities across the province.

Taking Action to Remove Barriers for People with Disabilities

TORONTO — People with disabilities and seniors deserve to remain engaged in their communities and represent a huge potential employee and customer base. Many buildings in Ontario continue to be a challenge for people with disabilities and seniors. When buildings are not accessible, people are shut out from fully participating in everyday life, businesses fail to reach their full potential, and communities are not as welcoming as they should be.

Ontario is focusing on what matters most to people with disabilities and seniors by helping to remove barriers in buildings and making communities more accessible.  

Ontario Investing in the Community of Dryden

Ontario's government is working for the people of Northern Ontario by supporting economic development in Dryden with an investment in Dryden's Community Improvement Plan.