Compliance Training

How CBHM works with companies to help meet requirements:

First of all, the question is – Do you know what you need to be compliant? If you do, then you may be looking to outsource a specific work in order to speed things up and to ensure nothing is missed. Alternatively, you may not be fully versed in all requirements and are seeking a better understanding in order to determine your needs and to decide whether you have the internal resources required to complete the work or need to outsource the services.

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Health and Safety Program Development

Health and Safety Program Development



Competent Supervisor Training

Competent Supervisor Training


Occupational Health & Safety Training

OHSA Training



Below are a few sections of The Occupational Health and Safety Act about the Duties of Employer’s, including:

Section 25 (1)

  • Equipment, materials and protective devices as prescribed are provided
  • Equipment, materials and protective devices are maintained in good condition
  • Measures and procedures prescribed are carried out in the workplace
  • Equipment, materials and protective devices provided are used as prescribed

Section 25 (2)

  1. Provide information, instruction and supervision to worker to protect safety of Worker
  2. Acquaint a Worker or a person in authority over a Worker with any workplace hazard
  3. Afford assistance to and co-operation with the MOL
  4. Appoint a “competent person” as a supervisor (a person who has charge of a w/p or authority over a worker) (lead hand)
  5. Prepare and review at least annually a written H&S Policy and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy
  6. Post the H&S Policy in the workplace
  7. Not employ under age Workers or knowingly permit under age persons in or near the workplace
  8. Post a copy of the OHSA in the workplace, including explanatory material from MOL
  9. Provide MOL with results of any occupational health and safety reports or surveys conducted in the workplace
  10. Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the Worker